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Kellee White, Spiritual Medium and Psychotherapist


Kellee White is a Spiritual Medium and a licensed Psychotherapist practicing with celebrities, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, politicians as well as individuals, couples and families. Her specialties involve her work with trauma, loss, grief counseling, changes, transitions, fear of death and life purpose. A major goal of Kellee’s work is to heal the soul, which often includes messages from loved ones who have passed on to the other side. Kellee uses many lenses in her sessions for viewing the soul that include astrology, numerology and psychic ability. A session with Kellee might well be the most exciting, informative, healing hour of your life!

A native of Los Angeles, Kellee climbed the corporate ladder as a senior executive. The Universe intervened in 2000 when Kellee suffered a traumatic brain injury that changed her life forever. Completely confused and not comprehending what was happening, Kellee found herself seeing and talking to “dead people.” Upon healing from her world shattering life change, word began to spread, and Kellee quickly found her life purpose, bringing messages to loved ones from the other side. 

Kellee later discovered that many of her clients were suffering such grief from loss that mediumship, although extremely helpful, wasn’t enough to help these clients.  It was at that moment when she made the decision and headed to graduate school where she received her Masters in Psychology and received her license as a Marriage Family Therapist.

Understanding her sudden shift in consciousness and the journey she embarked upon is the subject of her nearly completed book.

Kellee is the co-host of BOTH SIDES NOW & BEYOND with James Van Praagh every Monday at 6pm PST on Facebook Live and Youtube.

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