ARCHETYPES July 16th 2020

DATE: Jul 16 2020 | TIME: 2:00PM PST | COST: $19.99

Join Spiritual Medium Kellee White and Psychologist Dr. Shirley Impellizzeri for an event that will change your life. This powerhouse duo will shed light on psychological and spiritual archetypes. What are archetypes and how do they affect your life? What archetype did you take on as a survival skill when you were a child? Is it working against you now? Can you change archetypes? Find out which archetype is the real you. This is a time of great change! Dr. Shirley and Spiritual Medium Kellee are your guides for this unforgettable experience.

Registration does not guarantee a personal reading; Spirit comes through for a select number of guests, but there are lessons and inspiration for all attendees. Registration fees are non-refundable. Information conveyed during the event shall not be construed as professional medical, legal, or financial advice.
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