How the Coronavirus can affect Empaths and what to do about your feelings during this time!

Empaths are the heart and the soul of the world. We feel everything for good or bad. I say “we” because as a medium and psychotherapist I am a classic empath, feeling all of it too. I have spent the last few days calming people down from panic attacks. A panic attack in its primal form is great fear of the unknown. Fight or flight.

And this is where we find ourselves on this planet, in this dimension, right now. Large bubbles of thought forms of fear and panic.

You can’t see it but as an empath you can feel it. Like an invisible force. This fear is entering our emotional body and eventually makes it’s way into our physical body. It’s easy to get swept away by the fear.

The word I’m hearing most to describe my client’s feelings is sadness. Emotions feel like a heavy atmosphere surrounding the planet. They are crying. This is different from depression. When I ask my clients to articulate the sadness—they all say the same thing: Sad for humanity.

During this time we will see all kinds of human behavior from horrible to the best and everything in between. Choose CONSCIOUSLY to be your best self. This is a time to stay in your body and be vigilantly conscious!

What’s the antidote to this emotional virus? God, the Universe, Source. Tether yourself to Source. Poke holes into the fear thought form clouds above and see the light! For every negative there is a positive—bring it on!

Remember light-workers YOU ARE SPIRITUAL WARRIERS! We trained for this time long ago on the other side. Bring the light into every space you find yourself.  This is the time to bring love, compassion and kindness to others.

Here is what I am doing that brings me joy during this time:

Baking bread! Yes, I’m honing my skills and enjoying every moment with my hands in the dough.

Growing sprouts—all kinds from alfalfa to fenugreek and clover. Something I’ve never had time for but always wanted to do. Plus so nutritious!

Reading—I have so many great books I’m thrilled to be able to read again!

Taking long walkswith my dog, Otis. It’s good for both of us.

Mediation—going deeper into my soul journeys. Connecting to my higher self.

Listening to musicand loving every song.


Here are some tips from my dear friend James Van Praagh you can use during this time:

How do we prevent this when the world we are living in seems on the brink of disaster?

1. Become aware of the thoughts you have in your mind and what you are resonating with.

2. Be grounded and centered in your being.

3. Journal – Write down your perspectives about things you observe in your life, as your soul walks on the earth this time.

4. Live passionately by doing what your heart wants to but do no harm.

5. Be observant and don’t get caught up in someone else’s drama.

Remember, there is no show without an audience.

Lately, I had to remove several people in my life who were not adding to it but truly only taking from it.

Start your own personal assessment. Remember, souls come into your life for a “Season” a “Reason” or a “Lifetime.”

Honor that truth and live.

Due to the overwhelming concern in the world about this “health scare”, instead of flaming the fire,

I wanted to assist you in being pro-health.

I encourage you to be a positive beacon because the world needs that right now. It might not be easy, but you’re up to the challenge!

Let me make it easier. I’m giving every one of you a free gift to help you protect your energy.

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Sending you powerful positive energy and tons of love.

XOXO Warm Hugs,