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2022 Predictions: Year of the Soul




Calling all Light Workers! Please remember the ultimate reason you reincarnated during this particular time in history—to bring heaven and earth together.

Light Workers are here to help humanity in whatever way, shape or form that takes. Healers, artists, writers, musicians, therapists, animal activists, people who work with the environment, therapists, doulas—it is your time! Honor the commitment you made in your soul contract to serve planet Earth and the Universe at this critical moment in history.

As this very eventful year unfolds, it will be important for you to remember your commitment. Remain grateful and bring light and love to where it is needed.

2022 is a 6-year in numerology. However, a 22 is a master number and therefore cannot be broken down. The number 22 carries extreme power and is known as the builder and the destroyer.

The number 6 (the sum of 2 + 0 + 2+2) has to do with the planet Venus – woman, partnerships, balance, and babies.

Predictions: A shift in power, women rising in power in all areas of life including political arenas, corporations, owning their own business. Women will step into power and begin to manifest the life they signed up for.

People will become more health and fitness conscious. We will see more plant based diets to raise our immune system and helping the environment. The planet’s consciousness continues to rise.

222 is the symbol of unity, love and our relationship with God / Spirit / Universe. Ready for a relationship? Have you done the work on yourself? If so, this will bring partnerships with purpose, relationships with depth.

2022 brings in many Light worker babies coming into the planet. A baby boom will occur. These new babies have an agenda and a purpose!

The year of 2022 also brings new directions on a personal and collective level. We will see a huge growth in spirituality. The last time we had this type of growth was in 1875 with Madame Blavatsky who co-founded the theosophical society.

The number 6 rules the southeast cornerof your home. Keep that area free from clutter and your energy will flow much better for you.

Year of the Tiger begins February 1, 2022. This will make people brave, competitive, and confident. Tigers are also unpredictable. People will have big changes in their personalities—some for good! We will have events that we never see coming.

Looking for a new career? A new job? 2022 is a great year to get the job or career you have been waiting for.

December 24, 2021—Saturn Square Uranus – this is a major theme to 2022 – Painfulness of New Birth

Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus.

Historically, Saturn/Uranus squares have been important in history in restructuring major investment infrastructures, overthrows of governments and rebellions against institutions that restrict freedom. The Saturn/Uranus conjunction in 1988 in Sagittarius lead to the crumbling down of the Berlin Wall and the fall of the Soviet Union.

Prediction: The world will begin breaking down to begin restructuring with the goal of embracing a new world.

Saturn represents the economy, government, karma, banking systems, maturity, responsibility, discipline, and stewardship, it brings about rules, regulations, structure, obligation, ambition, and discipline. This is the way we have done things in the past.

Uranus rules new age, cryptocurrency (think young people), earthquakes, airplanes, and radical breakthroughs in awareness, new technologies, electronics, healing, rebellion, and innovation. This revolutionary planet hates rules and is always eager to facilitate groundbreaking, dynamic change. Uranus can have surprising effects and will bring new inventions, new technologies, and new ways to view health. This is the way into the future.

Prediction: 2022 will bring continued change and revolution in our society.


Kala Sarpa Dosha: The Carrier of Past Life Karmas

The Kala Sarpa Yoga is one of the most challenging planetary combinations in Vedic Astrology. Kala Sarpa Yoga happens when all the planets are on one side of Rahu and Ketu (the South and North Node). This indicates a time of a certain fated destiny.

Prediction: This will lead to events such as epidemics, riots, political turmoil that will change the world.

February 1 – Ketu (the South Node) crosses over the Sun.

Prediction: This brings sudden unexpected changes. Politically speaking there will be more change.

Feb. 22 – Pluto Return

The United States will undergo a once-in-our-lifetime and first-of-its-kind event known as the Pluto Return. This means that for the first time ever, Pluto will return to the exact position in the zodiac that it was during the United States’ inception on Jul. 4, 1776.

Pluto is the planet of transformation and extremes. It represents whatever has been repressed for a long time. It represents our shadow; the unpleasant side(s) of ourselves that we often avoid, or project onto others.

Prediction: During the U.S.’s Pluto return, the country will be reckoning with intense themes such as structures and systems that no longer work. It will be all about embracing systemic change in the U.S.

Mercury Retrogrades While we typically have just three Mercury Retrogrades per year, in 2022, we will experience four of them! The biggest feature here is that they’re happening in more than one sign at a time AND are happening exclusively in air and Earth signs—cosmic opposites. This will have us revisiting and rethinking our beliefs, how we communicate to one another and how we feel about planet Earth.

Prediction: Get ready to change your belief system.

While 2021’s Mercury retrogrades took place exclusively within the mental air signs, this year’s will begin to transition into the practical earth signs. This means that in addition to dealing with confusion in matters of communication and thinking, the Mercury retrogrades of 2022 could make it extra difficult to plan ahead, stay on top of our schedules, and manage our money.

Jupiter Activity We begin the year with the abundant and expansive planet Jupiter in spiritual Pisces.

Prediction: This auspicious period will be marked by rapid spiritual growth, mystic artistic inspiration, and an overall sense of wonder and idealism for all. People you may least suspect will become more spiritual and visionary.

May 2022: May will be an incredibly potent month, as it is Master Number 11 month. The number 11 is the teacher.

Prediction: We will all be learning new ways of seeing life. It is a month of growth. Expansion will be both individually and externally in the world.

Eclipses In Taurus & Scorpio

The Eclipses for the next 18 months will be taking place on the Taurus / Scorpio axis of the zodiac. We will be dealing with changes and revelations when it comes to our values, possessions, and energetic bonds.

Prediction: Expect great changes and transformation individually and for planet Earth. Power will change hands between people who did not have power before – in both personal relationships and in the world.

Conclusion: Get ready for a ride of intensity this year. Expect changes within yourself and in the world. We all signed up for this massive change, which ultimately leads us to a higher, better more conscious place. Our souls will evolve!

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