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April 16, 2022 Full Pink Moon

APRIL 16, 2022



The first full moon of the new astrological year sets the stage for what's to come this year. And it is quite a year……This FULL MOON in LIBRA, SQUARES PLUTO IN CAPRICORN and IT PACKS A PUNCH! Its job is to uncover deeply buried emotions.

Feelings will run high and things might seem off-balance, but it's a time to take in the way we approach different situations particularly in relationships.

Pluto brings tests and challenges of the extreme. It’s a planet that works at a very subconscious level and deals with your shadow, the emotions that may be even hidden from you! Surprise! Out comes your shadow! It deals with the things you don't want to talk about. But the truth is, at the end of the day, it's the planet of hidden power. If you're not really getting in touch with your personal power, this moon is going to show you that.

The spiritual meaning of this particular moon is to address your darkest feelings, habits and reactions. Tough but necessary, Pluto's involvement might bring something to the surface that can no longer be kept down. Since the pink moon will be a full moon in Libra, it'll make us reexamine our relationships with ourselves and those we love.

Try to remember that the universe is not working against you—it's pointing out what's not working, which can be a bit tough.

This is a time to do deep psychological work by focusing on any healing practices. Have you had interesting dreams? Dreams help us process our life to bring us an understanding of something we need to look at. It will be hard to control our emotions during this time, so we have to be very careful in how we express our anger.

Now is a great time to begin a dream journal and discover more about yourself. Healing baths, meditation and yoga are good ways to balance this emotional energy.


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