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April 2023 Vedic Astrology

April 2023 Vedic Astrology

Eclipse Season

Challenges & Changes!

Spring has sprung and the new energy of April brings lots of sudden changes to the world! We also have Passover and Easter this month signifying new beginnings and so it is…..get ready for April!

Using Vedic Astrology, let’s begin with the importance of Sade Sati, which is an event that happens every 7½ years. This occurs when Saturn Transits the Natal Moon and in this case, Saturn Transits the United States’ Natal Moon, which will bring change for the US.

Sade Sati is a concentrated period of the repayment of karmic debts from the past. Although it brings many challenges, ultimately its purpose is to uplift our souls spiritually. Ironically, some people will have much success during this time.

Sade Sati will occur three times this year while transiting Saturn is in the sign of the United States Moon. The Moon is in the third house of the United States Chart. This is the house of communications, Internet, investments, technology, banking system, stock markets. March 19, the start of something, October 1, puts things in motion and December 7, the closure of the event.

Mars Continues Out Of Bounds-Until May 5

This makes Mars, the planet of war, unpredictable, creating an unstable time. Mars energy can come as violence, anger, impulsive energy, excessive force, and capable of picking unprovoked fights.

April 6—Full Moon in Virgo AND Mercury Conjunct Rahu in Aries

While the Moon is in Virgo, the Sun is in the opposite, Pisces. This brings expansion, humanitarian efforts, optimism, happiness, new inventions in health and healing. Excellent time to work on your health! Mercury Conjunct Rahu will bring extremes in communications and travel. Rahu magnifies. Not a great day to have a conversation with your spouse or boss. Energy will feel out of control and misunderstood. There is a potential to make a mountain out of a molehill. But it is a great Full Moon to put your crystals out for clearing and make Moon Water to be used for your healing.

April 10-15. Jupiter in last days of Pisces (Water) and moving into Aries (Fire), Gandanta. Again, out of control energy. Destiny or fate seems to be taking over. Floods, water problems and severe weather.

April 14 – May 15—Sun Transits Into Aries

Aries people are highly motivated, ambitious, and goal-oriented individuals. In relationships, they are very passionate and expressive of their intense emotions. The innate warmth of the fire element makes them very compassionate, open-hearted, courageous, and confident. However, their sharp tongue can mean they may easily offend, without meaning to. Since they are ruled more by emotions than rationality, they also tend to be impulsive and adamant.

April 20—Solar Eclipse in Aries

Eclipses move us forward, kicking or screaming, that is their purpose.

This powerful eclipse is in the Nakshatra (Celestial House) of Ashwini, which means “New Beginnings.” This is a very formidable eclipse because the Sun is exalted with Rahu (the North Node of the Moon). Rahu is the force that breaks the boundaries and takes risks in order to move us forward.

Expect an extreme 6 months. Events don’t necessarily occur on that date, however, the energy will last for 6 months. The Sun, Mercury, Moon, Rahu and Uranus will all be in Aries on this date, emphasizing new beginnings. This can bring changes in world leadership.

April 21—May 15—Mercury Retrograde in Aries

This is NOT a good time to begin something new. However, it is a good time to PLAN for the future. It is an important time to review, reassess, reevaluate.

Additionally, during this time, transiting Mars will be in Gemini until May 10—this is called a Paravati Yoga: Mars in Gemini—ruled by Mercury – Mercury is in Aries—ruled by Mars. Sitting in each other’s houses is an exchange of houses. This makes the impact of Mars and the impact of Mercury very intense. Watch your communications! Communication will be combative. All of this happening while Mercury is retrograde! Misunderstandings and miscommunications galore!

Watch your communication whether written or verbal. Watch anger!

April 22: Jupiter Transits Into Aries

Jupiter changes signs once per year. In astrology, the zodiac change of planets is considered very special. Whenever the planets move out of one zodiac sign and enter another zodiac sign, its effect is seen on the entire human life. The planet Jupiter, that is known as the Guru of all the Gods and whose aspect is considered the most auspicious in the Vedic astrology, will transit in Aries on April 22 2023 at 3:33 am. This is a time that brings a new set of events into your life.

This powerful planet will remain in Aries until May 1, 2024. Jupiter transits into a new sign every year and returns to the same sign every 12 years. Jupiter was most recently in Aries from May 8, 2011 to May 17, 2012.

In Aries, Jupiter is in the sign of his friend Mars. So this transit of Jupiter in Aries has a quality similar to the conjunction of Jupiter and Mars, which in its highest expression represents an abundance (Jupiter) of drive, optimism, competition, enthusiasm, purpose, dynamism, confidence, and energy (Mars). Jupiter in Aries emphasizes scientific and technological achievement, as well as a desire for freedom, adventure, and travel.

However, in its lowest vibration it expands the war like energy of Mars.

Throughout history, Jupiter’s transit in Aries occurred during significant wars and revolutions:

French and Indian War/Seven Years War, 1754-1763.

French Revolution, 1789-1799.

Russo-Japanese War and the 1905 Russian Revolution, 1904-1905.

World War I, 1916-1917.

World War II, 1940-1941.

Korean War, 1952-1953.

United States escalation of troops in the Vietnam War, 1964-1965. Muammar Gaddafi, the deposed leader of Libya, was captured and killed after the Battle of Sirte, 2011-2012.

During this day there is a powerful Stellum, which is when three or more planets are in the same sign at the same time. Here we have the Sun, Mercury, Rahu, Uranus and Jupiter all in Aries! Jupiter expands everything and magnifies Rahu and Uranus in Aries. Sudden and unexpected events occur during this planetary alignment. Rahu is out of the box thinking and deals with corruption while Jupiter is the Spiritual Guru. Corruption and scandals are very possible.

April 23: Venus Conjuncts Moon in Taurus

This is a good day to get married or to be social. The Moon is exalted in Taurus and Venus is in Taurus.

April propels us forward in our spiritual journey!

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