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December 2021 Astrology

Brace yourself for the most intense month of the year!

Lots of chaotic energy!

December 1: Neptune in Pisces Turns Direct after being retrograde since June 25th.

Neptune rules water, leaks of information, delusions, drugs, dreams, the subconscious, illusions, fantasies, imagination, creativity, spirituality, intuition and unconditional love.

Now that it is direct, get ready to lift the veil off of whatever illusions, delusions or “myths” you may have created for yourself. Situations become clearer, creativity soars and intuition runs high! It’s a great time to start healing and working towards mending issues, particularly personal traumas.

December 4: New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius!

Sagittarius is truth, freedom, justice, belief systems, higher consciousness and wisdom.

This new moon is more powerful and longer-lasting than a regular new moon because it is also a total solar eclipse.

It’s also the final eclipse in a set of eclipses, which began in May 2020 occurring along the Gemini-Sagittarius sign axis. Reaching the endpoint in an Eclipse cycle is a significant moment. It represents arriving at a new destination. It is a point in our lives where some thing or some part of us is fully reborn and fully integrated, and ready to play an active part in our lives.

New moon eclipses are oriented towards the future but this eclipse is nearest the south node, which means completions—so this will bring karmic endings and bold beginnings.

If you want to go forward you will need to let go of something that has held you back. Seriously life-changing times ahead in the next 6 months and you may be releasing a belief system or patterns you have had your entire life! This is a spiritual eclipse and your perspective will change to things that are more meaningful to you.

This eclipse will be at 12 degree Sagittarius—which is exactly on the ascendant of the United States! As a side note, when we get to February 2022, there will be a rare astrological transit: the Pluto Return. Between this Sagittarian Eclipse and the upcoming Pluto Return we can expect massive change for the US.

This eclipse offers us the opportunity to get out of our comfort zone and focus on goals that will increase our understanding and awareness of what we want in life. We gain wisdom, which brings us confidence and optimism resulting in an expansion of our consciousness.

Things to do:

Eat lightly, digestive powers are lessoned during an eclipse.

Be mindful of your words, thoughts and actions. Set intentions.

Meditate. Rest.

December 13: Mars Enters Sagittarius

Anger is more intense and explosive. You may be prone to short bursts of frustration that also fade quickly. Life becomes passionate and enthusiastic especially around freedom, philosophy and religion. Great time for developing a strong sense of self. Be brave! Watch arrogance.

December 13: Mercury Enters Capricorn

When the fastest moving planet, Mercury, shifts into methodical Capricorn, it brings a clear and logical mind. We now have a more exceptional ability to concentrate on difficult tasks and are particularly interested in business matters.

December 18: Venus retrograde in Capricorn for 40 days! Highly unusual. You will be reevaluating your values. Capricorn is steady and stable. This will be teaching us about self worth and money. Venus Retrograde will be the time for some deep soul-searching, so be prepared to get to know yourself (and your loved ones) on a whole new level. This potent energy will stay with us all the way through January.

December 19: Full Moon in Gemini

The restlessness generated by Mars in Sagittarius is amplified by the Full Moon in Gemini. This lunation manifests itself through the need for change and spontaneity.

With the Full Moon in Gemini, your mind may be particularly active and prone to spinning itself in circles. Old emotions are being brought to light making this a particularly good full moon to release old stories and dramas and any thoughts you’ve been holding onto for too long.

December 19: Chiron Turns Direct in Aries

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, has been retrograde since July 15. Chiron’s purpose is to restore wholeness to our life. Now is the time to be with those who deserve it and end relationships built on unhealthy attachment patterns. Some part of you or of your life is ready to be restored.

December 21: Winter Solstice and Sun Enters Capricorn

The winter solstice is considered one of the most spiritually significant days of the year. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and traits include ambition, organization, practical, goal-oriented and stubborn.

As the Sun moves into Capricorn, you might find yourself caring more deeply about measurable success, especially as it relates to the physical world. Your focus may shift away from hypothetical futures and towards your current reality.

December 23 / 24: Saturn Squares Uranus for the third and final time this year. Breakdowns and breakthroughs! This shakes the foundations of society!

Saturn is about rules, boundaries and restrictions and stability. Uranus is about freedom, revolution, liberation, shocking. Tension! Conflict between rules verses freedom! This will play out in your life. Where do you need more freedom? Do you need more security?

This period could indicate a crisis caused by unexpected setbacks and restrictive change. Common sense, patience, and a cautious attitude will help to navigate the potentially difficult months ahead.

December 28 – May 2022: Jupiter goes into Pisces—Largest planet brings optimism, joy, and in Pisces it is soulful, compassionate, Expansion of intuitive awareness, opens your heart to empathy.

Great month to step into your power! Let go of old belief systems! Let the Universe propel you forward!

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