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December 2022 Astrology




The past few months have been INTENSE! It’s been particularly rough on LIGHTWORKERS who seemed to take the brunt of the world’s negative energy on the planet. Moving forward, this is a month to rest and unwind when you can. Saturn continues moving direct in Capricorn which means he will be covering old grounds—again—making it difficult to get excited about anything new. Good month to take care of your physical body. Give yourself a break when you can and go on a journey inward. You’ll need the energy for January!


Unique time because Venus & Mars are in a Mutual Exchange of Signs.

In Vedic Astrology this is called Parivartan Yoga.

Venus is in Scorpio and Scorpio is ruled by Mars. At the same time Mars is in Taurus and is ruled by Venus. This increases the power of both the houses involved. Because of this special Mutual Exchange of Signs with Mars & Venus it brings–HEALING IN THE WORLD – HEALING OF RELATIONSHIPS.

ALSO, watch for VENUS, as she will be visible in the night sky December 23 to December 31.

December 3-27 Mercury Transit in Sagittarius

Because Mercury—and soon to be Venus (in two days) —will both be in Sagittarius—we will collectively feel a shift in our lives. Clarity could be easier in communication than it has been in a long time. There will be a newfound ability to create and share with more precision and confidence.

Sagittarius is Jupiter's fire sign, which expresses the masculine side of growth, positivity, and joy. Sagittarius supports spiritual pursuits, adventures in education, doing the right thing, and positive growth patterns. Mercury and Venus moving through this environment could be quite active, productive, and fun!

December 3 – Neptune Transits Direct in Aquarius- Because Neptune is a planet that is farther away from us than most, its effects may not be obvious in our everyday lives. Rather, it exists in the background of our reality. It’s often, not until we stand back and reflect on our life, that we can see Neptune’s influence at work.

Every planet and sign of the zodiac holds both higher and lower vibration. Neptune’s lower vibration is a world of escapism, illusion, foggy with realty. The higher vibrations of Neptune are that of love, oneness, spirituality, creativity, and compassion. When we are in the flow of Neptune, we find ourselves creating art and music, intuitively moving our bodies, imagining beautiful possibilities and spiritual knowledge.

The past 6 months of Neptune in Retrograde has been a period to realign and refocus, to fine-tune your dreams and path of purpose, and to heal yourself. As you emerge from this time, ask yourself to reflect on the last six months. How has your perception of yourself shifted? What inner patterns have you witnessed and acknowledged? How has this helped you become more yourself? How has your connection with spirituality shifted? What have you seen, felt, or perceived that altered your understanding of the workings of the Universe?

December 5-29 Venus Transit in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a fiery sign, masculine in nature. It signifies wealth, motivation, intelligence and good luck. Venus is female in nature and the planet of unconditional love.

This is a good planetary position for many people like teachers, mentors, motivational speakers, and interesting enough, a good time for making plans for marriage.

December 7—Full Moon in Taurus (Ruled by Venus) - Conjunct Mars (which is Retrograde in Taurus) at 22 Degrees and is Opposed the Sun in Scorpio

Again we find Mars and Venus bringing lots of passion to the planet. This is an extremely strong and intense time bringing anger and outburst in the world and possibly in your life, things you have not looked at in a long time. This is symbolic of work still to be done and transformations for you and also in the world, perhaps even due to unexpected or painful circumstances. Allow space for healing and show compassion to one another.

December 15- January 14 Sun in Sagittarius

The Sun in Sagittarius supports us with energy to analyze the big picture and to make plans with good guidance.

Venus and Mercury are also in Sagittarius for the first part of the Sun's transit there, adding perspective, compassion, and enthusiasm to the decision making process. Sagittarius is a dual sign, which supports multiple strands of activity at once. This could be a productive time, especially when it comes to planning personal trajectories for the New Year.

December 21: The Winter Solstice

This is a sacred day, so use the energy to bring yourself into spiritual alignment.

December 23 New Moon in Sagittarius

Stay alert for unexpected shifts, situations, and opportunities. This New Moon brings a sense of positivity.

December 27: Mercury Transits into Capricorn – For Two Days! Expect lots of twists and turns! Travel may be very difficult so pack your patience!

December 29—January 19, 2023: Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

This Mercury Retrograde right at the beginning of the New Year could be an omen for what we can expect in 2023, which also ends with a Mercury retrograde cycle in December 2023. In 2022, the Mercury retrograde cycles occurred in all Earth Signs (January 2022 – Capricorn, May 2022 – Taurus, September 2022 – Virgo.) This was about reorganization financially and in the material realm, which is indicated by earth signs.

In 2023, starting with this Mercury retrograde that begins December 27th in Capricorn, an earth sign, and then retreats to Sagittarius, a fire sign, we could perhaps see that our reorganization, recalculating, and recalibration shifts into realms of spirit, purpose, and direction, with Mercury doing retrograde in all fire signs through 2023.

When Mercury returns to Sagittarius on December 29th, he also returns with Rahu and Mars as intense as ever. Both these planets in retrograde together will create foggy and confusing energy to wade through.

It may be hard to see the path forward, or we may find ourselves stuck when it comes to making decisions. We may feel things come to a halt, including ourselves. This planetary combination can affect our energy levels, making us feel zapped or lethargic. For this reason, it will be important to pace yourself this month.

Also, with the incoming retrograde energy from Mercury and Mars, you may wish to have a backup plan in case you are traveling at the end of the month or hosting a large gathering. Once you have some backup or contingency plans in place, go with the flow! Trust the Divine order in all of it, even those delayed flights!

Additionally, Retrograde Mars aspects Retrograde Mercury during the first five weeks of 2023 which, could push projects forward in an unexpected manner.

Mercury regains direct motion January 19th, 2023 at 15 degrees Sagittarius and moves forward to Capricorn on February 7th. Flexibility is the key for everything for 2023.

December 30: Mars in Taurus Retrograde Quincunx the Sun in Sagittarius

A Quincunx occurs when two planets are 150 degrees apart or five signs apart. This brings abrupt change and intense energy.

As we get to the end of the month, the energy around us will begin to slow down, and we will have to make some effort to match its pace, or it may feel a little challenging! Don’t over-commit, and make time for self-care and pleasure! It’s easy to get caught up in the responsibilities and obligations this month brings, but make sure you are also enjoying yourself and doing things that fill you up.

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