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June 2023 Astrology

Emotions & Transformation

Using Vedic Astrology

May 30: Venus Enters Cancer

June 2-June 30: Venus Conjuncts Mars in Cancer

Focus will be on Family, Stability, and Security.

In its highest expression, Venus in Cancer is kind, loving, sensitive, emotionally open, and constructive in communication. Cancer is the sign, which values safety, tradition, home, and family. Venus and Mars together will be in Cancer during this time and represents being passionate about guarding personal, national, family stability and security. This transit of Mars with Venus will activate some intense reactions and concerns regarding these matters.

In its lower expression, especially when Venus conjuncts Mars, which is weak (debilitated) in Cancer, this transit can point to a tendency for emotional upheaval, quarrels, or digestive disturbances. In the world, flooding, water accidents, and issues with finances and real estate are also a possibility.

June 3: Strawberry Full Moon in Scorpio

This deeply emotional Full Moon helps us to access a good deal of courage and power for healing, love, manifesting and creating. During this time, take care of your soul. Needing some magic? This Moon brings it! Put your crystals out for clearing and cleaning.

​June 04: Uranus Conjunct Mercury in Aries Be open to a new way of seeing things. Ingenious ideas to solve problems will be perceived and help you in many ways. Don't be afraid to start new projects as this is a day for inventive new ideas that is life changing.

June 7 to 24: Mercury Transit into Taurus - Increased Creativity, Focus, and Energy

Since March 9, Mercury has been transiting in Aries, the sign of its enemy Mars. We will see improvement now as Mercury will finally leave Aries and move into Taurus on June 7, where it will remain until June 24. Mercury in Taurus is in the sign of its friend Venus. Here, Mercury can be quite creative, intelligent, focused, happy, balanced, generous, refined. In this sign, Mercury also has excellent communication skills.

June 15 to July 16: The Sun Will Transit in Gemini

A Time for Fun, Creativity, and Connection.

June 17—November 4: Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

An Important Time to Reevaluate, Modify, and Refine Our Commitments

Saturn represents the focus, discipline, and determination we need to face problems and reorganize our lives in order to make improvements. As the planet of Truth, Saturn (especially when retrograde) helps us face the truth, and situations, which includes the karmic consequences of our past.

Saturn’s lessons are not always easy, but Saturn is of great benefit when we are open to learning from our mistakes, working hard, and overcoming our personal weaknesses.

June 18: New Moon in Gemini

The theme of this new Moon revolves around the search for more fulfillment. Because Neptune will square the lunation, this further suggests a time when we may need to release illusions, outworn ideas, and false expectations, and also to come to terms with disappointment or hurt about past events.

June 21: The Solstice

A Time for Spiritual Attunement and Communion with Nature

June 24 to July 8: Mercury Transit in Gemini - Challenges with Communication, Travel, and Business

Mercury will be speeding close to the Sun (combust). Mercury and the Sun will come to their exact superior conjunction (known as Cazimi) on July 1. Mercury’s combust cycle can hamper communication, the mind’s rational thought processes, travel, trading, and commerce.


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