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June Astrology Report

Retrograde News:

Pluto, Saturn and Mercury all are Retrograde. Joining the retrograde party soon will be Jupiter on June 20 and Neptune on June 25! Mercury goes direct on June 22. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter will remain in retrograde until October! Neptune will remain retrograde until December.

June 5: Mars Opposite Pluto

This transit brings drive and passion to achieve what you have longed to create. During this highly spirited time, you may go to great lengths to achieve success. This may be an internal struggle in which you strive to reach your full potential.

June 10th, 2021 – New moon annular – ring of fire – Solar Eclipse In Gemini

AND it conjuncts Mercury retrograde and squares Neptune

Solar Eclipses bring new beginnings. It’s like restarting at a higher level—which often feels intense. Set a clear intention of what you want to do in your life. This is where we need to be grounded and clear-headed. Solar eclipse in Gemini brings great mental ability to support extraordinary spiritual and professional growth! This helps us to make a new start.

Really observe your self- talk! Watch your thoughts! It is very important to keep it as positive as possible because the square with Neptune can cause mental confusion so keep thoughts as pure as possible! It will raise your vibration! On the positive side this square in Neptune ushers in great intuition!

June 14—Saturn Uranus Square

This may be the most important astrological aspect of 2021 that will happen three times this year. The first took place on February 17, then again June 14th and finally December 24th.

The current Saturn-Uranus cycle began in 1988; similar energy occurred between 1999-2000, and between 2008-2010. What was going on in your life during those times?

The last major transit of this cycle is the current Saturn Uranus square (2021-2022). This energy brings CHANGE!

Saturn is in Aquarius and Uranus is in Taurus. They are both fixed signs—that means they don’t change easily. Aquarius fixed energy is on the future and is determined to push for new age reform. Taurus energy is slow and deliberate creating things that last. These are completely different lenses to view change.

This alignment between Saturn and Uranus brings conflict of ideas between the old and the new – change becomes inevitable. Saturn creates structures. Uranus breaks these structures so that something better can come out.

June 20: Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces

Inspiration, increased intuition, a greater awareness and profound understanding are also likely during this transit. You might even go through a spiritual awakening.

June 20: Sun enters Cancer

The longest day of the year, the summer solstice Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so now we combine the power of the Sun and Moon, active and passive aspects of our lives for more balance. This is a positive time to create a comfortable and secure environment.

June 22: Mercury Goes Direct in Gemini

Communications clear up and move quickly!

June 25: Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

This gives us the time to reflect on our hopes and dreams. It also urges us to focus on our connection with spirituality and our visions for the future. Inspirationally speaking, this motion has a strong impact.


Pay attention to your reactions. Think first before you act. Become clear on the changes you would like to make in order to get ahead in your life. This energy brings change. The Universe is not conspiring against us; it is helping us get to our next level. Use your lens of Spirituality to guide you through this powerful energetic time.

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