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May 15 –16, 2022 Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Destiny has arrived!! Spiritually and astrologically, we see eclipses as extremely important events because they bring monumental beginnings, endings and turning points within our lives.

This powerful lunar eclipse in Scorpio brings up intense emotions and the energy of transformation. Blood Moon Eclipses are highly prophetic and can activate our soul contract, bringing about situations that catapult our soul to the next stage of its evolution, sometimes quite abruptly! There is no doubt, we will all be feeling the effects of this Eclipse!

Scorpio energy is also connected to the Phoenix too. The Phoenix has the ability, the strength, and the power to birth itself from the ashes. What are your strengths? How do you want to use them as you usher in a new chapter?

A Blood Moon Eclipse is rare and potent. It signifies an ending, a closure point to a chapter not just in our lives, but on our soul journey too.

Blood Moon Eclipses get their name from the reddish hue the Moon takes on when a Total Lunar Eclipse occurs and are said to carry the weight of a thousand Full Moons!

Because this eclipse makes a challenging aspect to Saturn it will bring up taking responsibility for your life choices and facing your fears with patience, determination, and emotional maturity. Eclipses of this magnitude are for letting go of attachments that have held you back, trauma and whatever you need to release. Be brave! You can do it!

Even though Eclipses can bring challenges our way, they always put us where we need to be. As Blood Moon Eclipses are a good time for endings, we can consciously use this energy to set an intention to bring an ending to any painful wounds, stories, or situations that we may find ourselves in. Spend time in meditation. This is a great time to journal, reflecting on and reviewing your life.

Blessings to all,

Spiritual Medium Kellee White


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