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October 2021 Astrology Report

The month kicks off with lots of confusion. We have Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury retrograde happening all at once. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Chiron, the Wounded Healer, also retrograde. Chiron is classified as a comet and a minor planet.

To add even more disorder and chaos, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury each turn direct this month!

We will have to navigate mixed signals and crossed wires! It will try our patience! Watch frustration and anger! Lots of lessons to be learned!

During the first week in October the energy will be precarious and unstable.

October 6th: New Moon In Libra

This is an intense day!

The New Moon is conjunct Mars and that itself is a challenge! Because this new moon aligns with Mars it brings energy and passion to new ideas or new projects. It also brings up intensity because there is an aspect to Uranus, which brings impatience. This energy needs to be used constructively! Watch being short tempered, moody, having tantrums and out of control tempers!! Great time to harness this powerful energy and turn it into something productive.

This is a very intentional New Moon, so set your intentions on creating something positive for you and humanity. Make sure you take advantage of this very potent, manifesting energy.

October 6th - Pluto Goes Direct

In addition to the New Moon in Libra acpecting Mars and Uranus, Pluto goes direct in Capricorn. Pluto is the planet connected to death, rebirth, obsessions and transformations. The last 5 months Pluto retrograde gave us the opportunity to work in the shadow of our subconscious, and when Pluto goes direct we want to bring this awareness of our inner transformation into the outer realm as well.

When Pluto starts moving forward, we will be dealing with our shadow side that we have kept hidden. This is a great time for therapy, healing, understanding and accepting yourself.

October 9th, 2021 – Sun Conjunct Mercury Conjunct Mars in Libra

This will keep you very busy!!

This transit increases mental activity, making this an ideal time for focused and acute thinking.

October 10: Saturn Direct in Aquarius

This brings maturity and responsibility to ourselves and others. Time to rebuild our life.

October 18: Jupiter Direct in Aquarius

Life could become a bit more social. This begins the right time for making important decisions, taking the lead, and possibly increasing your financial situation. Take advantage of any opportunities for personal, material or spiritual growth. Jupiter direct 2021 is especially good for dating and improving existing relationships.

October 18: Mercury Direct in Libra

Both Mercury and Jupiter turning direct on the same day should help us think very clearly and quickly! In fact, begin to apply whatever it is you've learned during the retrograde period into your current reality. It only takes a few days of Mercury being back on track for you to notice the difference.

October 20: The Full Hunter Moon in Aries

The Aries full moon fires up emotions and reactions AND it is opposite Mars and squares Pluto, so it’s an explosive one for sure. This October Full Moon is going to be fierce! Watch power struggles!

Life will intensify as momentum picks up.

October 23: Sun in Scorpio

Welcome to the Scorpio season! The Scorpio season is our yearly opportunity to get in touch with the powerful energy of renewal and transformation. Ready for change? Take necessary action!

October 22: Mars Squares Pluto

This transit can be very intense and volatile, especially as it is triggered by the full moon in Aries.

October 26: Venus Squares Neptune

Brings confusion in relationships. May be attracted to love or idea that is way over the top.

October 30: Sun Squares Saturn

Karmic Day! Restraint and constriction while all trying to move ahead.

This month do take a mental and emotional inventory and see what it is that needs to be healed from the past. Great month for spiritual development!

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