Preparing for a Reading with Kellee

Before your reading we ask the following:

  • Please bring your best self. Kellee’s energy works best when someone has refrained from the use of marijuana or alcohol for a few days before the reading as it energetically gets in the way of having the best reading possible.

  • Please wear tops that are white, or colored but not black. This interferes with her energy. Black slacks or skirts are fine!

  • Please be ready and have Earbuds with Mic or some type of Audio Headset to connect to your device and ready to go before the reading. Kellee finds it very energetically distracting when doing a Zoom or FaceTime having the sound come out of the computer or phone during the reading without these devices. This will help you have the best possible reading with no background noise or distractions. Failing to be ready and on time, will be deducted from the remaining time of your appointment.

  • Only ZOOM readings can be recorded and emailed to you privately. Facetime readings are not available to record.

  • GROUPS: When working with groups on Zoom, Kellee realizes that this may be difficult to do. Please have the best system you can have with the least amount of noise distractions, such as outside noises.