Hi Everyone!

October is here and what a wild ride indeed this month has in store! EXPECT THE  UNEXPECTED!! Seatbelt on, let’s go! Remember, this will be deep growth for all of our souls!

October 4, 2020—Pluto turns direct in Capricorn! Pluto is the God of the underworld and the planet of transformation. This is about our shadow side. Pluto has been retrograde since April 25. Pluto is small, mighty and always packs a transformative punch. Suddenly and unexpectedly the hidden is revealed. The call for change goes fourth. Now with Pluto direct it will bring a deep urge to transform your life.  You will find the power to make necessary changes. 

October 9—Mars retrograde in Aries squares Pluto direct in Capricorn. This will bring up specific areas we need to change in order to transform our lives.  Mars is retrograde until November 13. This brings us the opportunity to heal our past issues of anger.

October 11th-18th, 2020 – Sun Square Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn

Between October 11th and October 18th, the Sun in Libra is square Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. This is one of the last cardinal squares of the year. It’s you (the Sun) vs. the whole world (3 slow-moving planets in Capricorn).

October 13-November 3—Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, then moves into Libra October 27 and stations direct on November 3—the day of the election. Yikes! 

This is extremely intense Mercury retrograde not only because it is in the sign of Scorpio which requires us to look into deep emotional issues we may not want to deal with but also because of the day itself. October 13th, the day Mercury turns retrograde, Mars, is exactly opposite the sun (which represents leadership) and Squares Pluto (the hidden). This sheds light on a complicated pattern of rage, fighting and polarization.

It is also very possible there may be a delay in the election and or some sort of technical issues. Mercury rules communication and information. Along with Mars retrograde, all communications may go haywire.

October 16—New Moon in Libra. It is opposite Mars which makes for arguments, and squares Saturn which can make the arguments bitter, and also squares Pluto, which can make arguments extreme.

October 19—Mars Squares Jupiter, Mercury opposition Uranus

Mercury opposes Uranus for the second time as it moves backwards in the sky. Unexpected news and events can be quite disruptive, and with a Mars-Jupiter square, you may expect the unexpected to be blown sky-high. (The last time we had the Mars-Jupiter square, we saw the Beirut explosion on August 4, 2020.)

October 31—Full Moon in Taurus. This Full Moon is forming an almost exact conjunction with the planet Uranus. Expect the complete unexpected for the election!

This is a great time to do deep inner work and make substantial growth in your path. This will lead to your future and as always MAKE GOOD CHOICES and watch your own life take off in ways you could not imagine!

Blessings to all of us!

Spiritual Medium Kellee White