A better understanding about Kellee and her sessions:

Kellee is a gifted and compassionate Spiritual Medium who is known for her empathic ability to bring through evidential meaningful messages from the spirit
world. She raises her vibration and those on the other side lower their vibration allowing communication between two worlds. Kellee is clairvoyant, the ability
to have clear seeing, clairaudient the ability to hear from the other side and clairsentient, which means clear sensing, the ability to feel the present, past or
future physical and emotional states of someone who has passed into the spirit world.

Each sitting is different. Sometimes Kellee may hear the other side, actually see them or feel what the message from your loved one is trying to say.
Often they will come to Kellee in a dream state the night before a scheduled reading.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, Kellee is available via SKYPE, PHONE or OFFICE
(310) 601-0208

Kellee provides the All Services below:
Please Let us know which session would you like to explore.
LIFE READINGS: Spirit Guides, Yearly Reading and Soul Purpose

Kellee provides many life details, including names, dates, physical descriptions, so that you will know that your loved ones are still with you. During the reading she may receive past, present and future information, however her main focus is providing accurate and detailed information that only you and your loved ones would or could know. This is a wonderful way to gain closure, move past your grief, and gain peace.

Making meaning of your life. Gain clarity on situations in your life, overcome obstacles, organize a project, change the dynamics of a relationship, gain new coping skills, and move forward in a direction that empowers you and is fulfilling for you. This is not counseling.

Two Family Members or Close Friends Mediumship Reading:
Individual readings are for one and/or two family members who share the same losses or situations and want to sit together and share the reading time. If there are two people who want separate personal readings, then the fee will be for two sessions. You can choose to sit together and hear each others reading or sit separately and have private sessions.

Using her medium ship skills, she will tell you the names of your guides who make themselves known at your reading. You will learn their names, what type of guide they are, and any messages they have for you or what they have to say about your life, relationships, challenges, spiritual journey, and career path.

Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, Trauma, loss, grief counseling, loss due to suicide, loss of a child, changes and transitions, fear of death, unexpected catastrophic events, head injury trauma, accidents, divorce, abandonment, betrayal, loss of employment, affairs.

Emergency Sessions:
Emergency time slots are available for clients with issues that can’t wait until the next available opening. These add-on appointments come with an additional rate because the day is already fully booked. The rate varies with the length of time that you choose. Please email or call my office for available dates and times.

Soul Journey, Soul Purpose—why am I here? You get assistance navigating difficult or confusing times in your spiritual journey. Find out why you are having the experiences you are having, whether you are a Lightworker, or if you have spiritual gifts. This is excellent for those newly on the path, and those in the process of moving to the next level.

Dreams are rich with meaning and messages all to bring awareness to the unconscious. Often a loved one may appear just to let you know they are near and sending you love.

Totems can be animals or birds or even insects that come to us in our dream state or may appear directly to us while we are out and about. Each totem has a special message to help you on your life path. Kellee will help explore the hidden messages for you!

Family or Group Sessions:
These can read either a group together, or for attending individuals privately.

Group readings are similar to individual readings, just in a group setting. It is important to note that in a group read, messages will be shared in front of all in attendance. Often times the information given at a group reading will be specific to the individual, yet the overall message will likely resonate with more than one individual. Unfortunately with larger audiences I cannot guarantee that each person in attendance will be read. Under these circumstances I rely on spirit to guide me to the individuals I am meant to communicate with on that particular day, at that particular time.

Private readings at a group event are just that, completely confidential and private. For group events where I read individuals privately usually the readings are “mini” readings, meaning that in general they are scheduled from 15 to 30 minutes per person vs. the usual hour I will spend with a single client in my office. I will read up to four people in an hour for private event readings.

Please let us know the group size as rates may vary depending on event and location.