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Kellee offers many types of readings.  She is known for her empathic ability to bring through evidential meaningful messages from the spirit world. She raises her vibration and those on the other side lower their vibration allowing communication between two worlds. Kellee is clairvoyant, the ability to have clear seeing, clairaudient the ability to hear from the other side and clairsentient, which means clear sensing, the ability to feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of someone who has passed into the spirit world.

Each session is different. Sometimes Kellee may hear the other side, actually see them or feel what the message from your loved one is trying to say. Even Kellee is often surprised! Often they will come to Kellee in a dream state the night before a scheduled reading.

Kellee only schedules two months out and books up quickly. If there are no available times, please check back soon, or send email inquiry.


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