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April 2024 Vedic Astrology

Intense Astral Energy!

Oh, this month is one for the books!

A challenging Mercury Retrograde, a Total Solar eclipse—with a special

visitor, the Devil Comet also called Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks , AND all

of this occurs on the Vedic New Year! PLUS a Planetary Conjunction of

Enemies—Saturn and Mars, AND a VERY RARE Conjunction of

Jupiter and Saturn at 28 degrees of Aries not seen in thousands of years!

Let’s get into this one!

April 1-25: Mercury Retrograde in Aries

Then It Changes to Pisces on April 8-25

This is a very COMPLICATED Retrograde!

Mercury is Retrograde in Aries and remains in Aries UNTIL April 8—

the DAY OF THE SOLAR ECLIPSE—when it changes SIGNS into

PISCES –where it is DEBILITATED, meaning WEAK……AND it will

be GANDANTA from April 8 to 10.



Gandanta points are transitions between water and fire signs in Vedic

astrology and can mean drowning. Gandanta is translated as the knot at

the end. It is the area in the zodiac that is at the transition of the water

element to the fire element.

Mercury moved into Aries on March 25, --the day of the LUNAR

ECLIPSE—AND IT WAS GANDANTA!—think Bridge/Ship Disaster!

Past unresolved personal issues or unfinished matters involving others

may reappear at this time to be dealt with. Ultimately, the beauty of a

Mercury retrograde cycle is that it gives us a time to pause and regroup,

and to dive deeper into ourselves for reflection, new inspiration, and


Mercury Retrograde may suggest some tendencies to procrastinate,

struggle with self-expression, or to feel indecisive, ungrounded,

disorganized, unmotivated, anxious, or depressed. Problems can also

occur with electronics, travel, and transportation. Therefore, this will be

an important time to access self-improvement tools and practices that

can help to secure our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

April 8: The Great North American Total Solar Eclipse and Vedic

Lunar New Year!

Upheaval, change and disturbed energy! Everything is in a state of


The last total eclipses seen in the United States were in 1918, 2017, and

now in April 2024. There will not be another total solar eclipse in the

United States for the next 20 years.

The Vedic New Year always falls on the New Moon in sidereal Pisces

and symbolizes karmic trends for the year to come. Because these two

events occur concurrently, this suggests a year of dramatic events, and a

good deal of turmoil and tumult throughout the world and especially in

North America where the eclipse will be visible.

Eclipses impact the whole world, not just the areas where they are

visible, though the latter are definitely more intensely affected, which

means this will deeply effect the United States. Eclipses can trigger

events in our lives. These events can be favorable and/or

challenging depending on what soul lessons will be learned. Never

forget, we come to Earth to grow and expand our souls.

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