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March Vedic Astrology

March 2024

Vedic Astrology

March is a complicated month. Tension is builds up as Saturn and Mars

are close in the sky. Mars wants to move ahead, Saturn remains

deliberately fixed and this creates tension. Saturn will remain the main

influence in March, as it was also in February. Saturn is also in charge

for all of 2024 as we are in an eight year, the number of Saturn (2024 = 2 

+ 2 + 4 = 8). Saturn always means business. This planet tends to bring

karmic reckoning. It also suggests an emphasis on hard work,

restlessness, pessimism, anxiety, and concerns over safety, security, and

law and order. At the higher level, Saturn represents the divine impulse

which encourages us to seek the truth and overcome our karmic

limitations through spiritual humility, discipline, will power, and


All planets remain direct so moving forward will continue but be

mindful of how you spend your energy and of not taking on too many

commitments than you can efficiently manage. We may have trouble

with communicating clearly and everyone’s patience will be tested as

Mercury moves into Pisces, its sign of debilitation this month.

In addition, we begin Eclipse Season!  What does eclipse season mean

in astrology? Astrologers use the term “eclipse season” to refer to the

time period or window that eclipses are occurring, which happens twice

a year.

Eclipse Season begins two weeks before the first eclipse and lasts for at

least two weeks after the second eclipse. That means for one month,

most people feel some form of nervousness, feeling a little more easily

destabilized or thrown off-center.

This is why it is even more important to take daily walks, practice

simple calm breathing techniques, meditate, sing, dance, or do whatever

healthy habits bring you resilience and a calmer mind.

March 1: Sun, Saturn and Mercury Conjunct Aquarius

Watch impatience and conflict with others. There can be a tendency to

slip into bad habits.

March 3: Mars in Capricorn and Ketu in Virgo Trine

Mars and Ketu can be impulsive risk-takers, so be patient, especially if

you are experiencing heightened or misdirected emotions. Mars and

Ketu together can also be insightful and helps us to understand our own

strength and power. Again, emotions in the world run high during this


March 7 - 25: Mercury Transits Into Pisces

Pisces is the sign of Mercury’s debilitation (greatest weakness).

Challenges in Communication! Mercury’s qualities of discernment and

detail orientation gets lost in the watery sign of Pisces. Communication

may be misinterpreted so be precise in all communications during this


March 7 - 31 - Venus Transits into Aquarius: A Constructive Time

Especially for Innovation, Futuristic Exploration, and Goal-

Oriented Group Endeavors

Venus in Aquarius is hopeful, futuristic, goal-oriented, innovative, and

especially successful when it comes to group endeavors. This is a great

time to make community more prominent in your life and a time to make 

new acquittances and expand your network! Venus transiting here can

also be constructive in matters related to finances, the arts, love and

relationships, inner peace, beauty, and vitality.

March 8: Mercury Conjunct Neptune in Pisces: Enhanced


This conjunction can be very good for artistic, humanitarian, and

creative pursuits, and for tapping into altered dream states and higher

consciousness. The conjunction of these two planets in the sign of

Mercury’s greatest weakness (Pisces) may highlight market volatility or

other unpredictable moves in the financial sector.

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