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April 2022 Astrology

Updated: Apr 18, 2022


April 1 – New Moon in Aries Conjunct Chiron

The major theme of this new moon will be healing core wounds. This New Moon is next to Chiron, known as the Wounded Healer. Chiron stirs deep feelings of abandonment, rejection, shame, inadequacy, and self worth.

This is the time to look into your soul and see what needs to be healed in this lifetime. Set your intentions to begin the healing process. It might include traditional therapy as well as working with a healer. You are important!

April 2 – Sun and Mercury Conjunction in Aries – communication goes QUICKLY! Lots of news coming at us!


***USING VEDIC ASTROLOGY FOR THIS ONE! This alignment puts Saturn and Mars in Capricorn at 28 degrees – this makes this time in the world very serious! Mars is exalted at 28 degrees of Capricorn –which makes this planet even more powerful. Saturn rules Capricorn – so this brings a very intense time in history.

MARS AND SATURN ARE ENEMIES and this can be a volatile time. In your personal life, watch sudden outbursts. Mars brings anger, aggression, war and rules blood. Saturn brings endings, depletion, karma, justice and rules bones and muscles. Watch your emotions, this is a time to unplug, relax and think before you act. Not good for hotheads or acting impulsively!

April 12 – Jupiter and Neptune Conjunct in Pisces-The last time this occurred was 1856! The best day to plant the seeds of dreams!

The meeting of Jupiter and Neptune signifies a collective awakening that helps to shift the entire consciousness of the planet. The great awakening! This is an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime energy that helps us raise our awareness and bring more love, light, and healing to the planet.

On a higher level, it brings us a spiritual awakening and emboldens and excites us to live life as a creative being. We will have spiritual experiences that change our life! Jupiter and Neptune trigger spiritual growth and new spiritual visions.

This conjunction can also create a disconnect from reality, and the tendency to escape using unhealthy coping mechanisms. Jupiter and Neptune can also have an influence on water, we may notice flooding or water supply issues. Water is also symbolic of emotions, so Jupiter and Neptune have the potential to trigger a lot of tears too.

April 16- Libra Full Moon

The Full Moon occurs when the Sun is in Aries and forms an opposition to the Libra Moon. Heightened emotions, romance, relationship drama, and epiphanies about relationships and the need for independence are themes.

The Aries-Libra polarity is a relationship axis, where Aries represents “self,” and Libra represents “other.” Where Aries is about self-assertion, Libra is about compromise.

This Full Moon urges us to strike a balance between meeting our personal needs and attending to the needs of a significant other, and between independence or autonomy and dependence or companionability.

The Libra Moon is diplomatic, equality-focused, and fair-minded. The Aries Sun values authenticity over tact and is energized by independent efforts. The Full Moon illuminates this conflict. This energy can bring tension in relationships. Time to stay grounded!

April 18 – Sun Squares Pluto

Pluto represents our shadow and when the Sun illuminates Pluto it delves deeply into our shadow side and takes a look at our behavior. This is not a comfortable time and can cause you to feel overwhelmed by your subconscious feelings. Your inner fears, insecurities, doubt, and psychological wounds can fuel out of character behavior. Similarly, you may not immediately recognize how your past traumas are contributing to your present-day attitudes. This transit can trigger the feeling of stepping into your power or losing it completely, depending on your ability to navigate your inner shadows. Time again to look at the roots of your pain.

April 19- Taurus Season Begins

Out of fiery Aries Season and into earthy Taurus season we go. When we shift from Aries to Taurus, we are able to take all the seeds of inspiration that we planted under the Aries Sun and the Jupiter Neptune Conjunction, and now begin caring for them, nurturing them, and helping them to grow. Taurus Season supports us creating a routine, being methodical in our work, and lots of self-care! Make time for pleasure in your life. Best time to get grounded!

April 28- Venus Conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Venus, the Goddess of Love aligns with Neptune in Pisces. This typically happens once a year and is a beautiful energy for romance, creativity, and spiritual growth. This can bring the potential for a new romance or more compassion and spiritual bonding in an existing relationship. Use this energy for self-care, to spend with a loved one, and to recharge by the water.

April 29 to October 8 - Pluto Retrograde Begins in Capricorn

Pluto is the first major planet, within the past two months to enter retrograde, after having no major planets in retrograde. This energy will begin to resurface old wounds and emotions that have been dormant for months. Our feelings will be hot and cold, as well as deep. Watch for mood swings!

Pluto retrograde is a subtle energy, but gets us to reflect on how we are choosing to give away or hold on to our power. Under this Pluto retrograde, we are invited to look back over the period from October 2021 to now and how we have been called to step into a new power in our lives. If we have not stepped up enough, we may find ourselves forced to make that leap. Pluto also rules over the cycles of death and rebirth, so use this energy to reflect on how you have grown and all the little deaths and rebirths that have unfolded in your life since this time.

April 30- Eclipse Season Begins! Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse + Venus Conjunct Jupiter in Pisces

The first Eclipse of 2022 falls in the sign of Taurus. This eclipse is the second in a Taurus-Scorpio set that began in November 2021 with a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.

At the same time as this Eclipse, Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, aligns with Jupiter. This is a positive omen and indicates bright new opportunities and silver linings! If the month has been challenging, this Eclipse energy offers a ray of sunshine. Eclipses can be viewed as portals that help us accelerate into the next chapter of our soul evolution. Under this Eclipse, new doors may open and we may find ourselves being presented with opportunities we never dreamed were possible. This is a power day for manifestation work, but to also trust and stay open to whatever the Universe has in store. Keep your vibration high, and allow the Universe to respond in kind.

Occurring in Taurus, this eclipse is about strengthening our sense of security. It is a time for re-evaluating our relationship with money and possessions and discovering what it is that truly makes us happy and fulfilled. It‘s also a period for considering new ways of increasing our income or earning power. New and potent energy is with us for taking charge of our personal possessions and finances.

April is one heck of a month in all areas of growth! Ultimately, the Universe has a plan and that is leading us to the path of spiritual enlightenment. Faith is everything.

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