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January 2024 Vedic Astrology

January 2024

Vedic Astrology

Quite A Cosmic Journey!

Transformation, Growth and Opportunities

As of December 31, 2023—Jupiter is now DIRECT in Aries!

Plans Move Forward! Breathe Again!

January 1: Mercury Direct in Scorpio

Finally, Mercury stations direct—and what an energetic way to begin the 

New Year! HOWEVER, before we get TOO excited, Mercury will be at

the Tail of the Scorpion at 28 degrees—the Gandanta point. This brings

intensity to the mind and can bring up deep seated emotions to the

surface. If you find yourself feeling at odds, give yourself some time and

the energy will clear up.

The beginning of the month effects communication and technology,

physical health, travel, finances, and business, trade, and commerce. As

retrograde Mercury stops and then begins moving forward in this

potentially noxious area of the zodiac, we might expect to see some

dramatic turnarounds or developments.

We will ALL feel better when Mercury moves into Sagittarius on

January 7! This begins a time of inspiration, creative energy and

optimism. And with Jupiter now direct in Aries our life plans move


January 11: New Moon in Sagittarius 

The New Moon is at 26 degrees of Sagittarius—the exact midpoint

between Rahu (in Pisces) and Ketu (in Virgo). These powerful Nodes

represent OUR DESTINY. This begins a transformative time! Jupiter

and Mercury are responsible for major change. And both are DIRECT 

NOW! Both rule education, the media and communications. This New

Moon will set the tone for the year!

This will be a good time to review and renew your objectives and

commitments to make sure they are in alignment with your highest

values and aspirations.

January 14—February 13: Sun in Capricorn

When the Sun enters Capricorn, it meets up with Saturn, because

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Ambition, discipline and focus on long-

term goals are possible now. People born with the Sun in Capricorn are

often seen as responsible, practical, and hardworking. They may also

possess a strong sense of duty and a desire for achievement.

January 18 to February 11: Venus Transits Into Sagittarius

Expanding Your Horizons!

In January, Venus will shine brightly in the morning sky, rising several

hours before the Sun in the southeast. Venus indicates optimism and a

love of adventure, truth, and higher meaning.

Be aware that Venus will square Neptune from January 18 to 21, an

aspect which can heighten emotional sensitivities and lead to

misunderstandings or confusion.

January 25, Full Moon in Cancer

New Insights and Realizations

The Full Moon will occur in its own sensitive sign of Cancer, and in the

spiritual Pushya Nakshatra. We should have more than the usual amount

of vitality in the days around this Full Moon. We may also experience

some hypersensitivity, stress, or a conflict which could lead to new

insights and realizations.

January 27: Mars and Mercury Conjunct in Sagittarius

Chaos and Meltdowns

Mars and Mercury will be within an effective orb of conjunction from

January 18 to 31. But on January 27 there will be an exact conjunction at 

23 degrees of Sagittarius.

As Mars and Mercury come together, we may experience anxiety, chaos, 

or meltdowns in our thought processes and communication, or with technology, travel, trade, and commerce. This is an especially important

time to avoid aggressive or impulsive actions and words.

January 27, Uranus Direct in Aries

Moving Forward with New Inspiration

After having been retrograde since August 29, 2023, Uranus will station

direct at 25 degrees of Aries. As Uranus stations direct, we may

experience some new inspiration and some surprising announcements,

discoveries, connections, events, and revelations.

Note that these events may occur during the ten days before and the ten

days after the day of the exact direct station. As Uranus will station in a

trine to Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius, this can indicate a

breakthrough moment for some, or a powerful urge to move beyond

certain restrictions or limitations.

As we move into the New Year it will bring us some optimism and

positive energy, as Mercury moves into Sagittarius, along with the New

Moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter finally direct in Aries. As we move

through the month, the Sun in Capricorn, and Venus and the Full Moon

in Cancer will continue to bring us new insights, optimism, and strength.


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