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October Vedic Astrology


Buckle Up! This is An INTENSE Month!


HIGHLIGHTS: Solar Eclipse, a record FOUR planets changing direction—Mercury, Pluto, Saturn –going direct. PLUS Mars will be going retrograde. This will kick-start a new cycle of planetary energy!
And, as if this were not enough, the fourth and final Saturn-Uranus square is in its tightest orb this month (less than 1 degree).
So plan on October being a big month!

October 1: Six major planets STILL in retrograde!
Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

October 2– Mercury Stations Direct and Remains in Virgo until October 26. Things will begin to become clearer and by October 15, Mercury will return to its former strength and speed, so give it a bit of time. Mercury stationing direct can bring new insights and information, and even intuitive messages. Things that felt uncertain can become clearer, and we can see things with a new awareness. We may also find it easier to have difficult conversations and negotiate contracts.

October 4: Saturn and Uranus Square
A heavy and difficult square between conservative Saturn and liberal Uranus again reforms in the heavens, sitting in the tightest orb on October 4th, and will remain in power for the entire month. This square was the signature astrological event in 2021. Uranus is the unpredictable force; Saturn is the immovable object.

October 8- Pluto Stations and Goes Direct in Capricorn
Pluto is connected to the underworld, the metaphor for the unconscious and the secret part of our self. Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth, and transformation. As it emerges from this chapter, which began April 29, we may be able to see with greater clarity all the ways we have transformed. Pluto also deals with the “dark night of the soul.” So if things have felt really challenging, if you have experienced any deep changes and endings, you may begin to see how those endings are guiding you in a new direction.

October 9- Full Moon in Pisces “Hunter’s Moon”
Being in Pisces—the last sign of the zodiac—makes this Full Moon about the closing of a big cycle. Pisces represents our will to transcend and evolve. Expect a lot of emotions! The meaning in all of this is to find wisdom and insight into your life. This is a really good time to take stock of your life, particularly over the last year. Meditate and journal. Dreams will also give you insight and possibly bring answers.

October 16—November 13 -Mars Transits BRIEFLY from Taurus into Gemini
This can bring reactive and heated exchanges so whatever you do watch your conversations. Breathe and count to ten before any confrontations or difficult situations you may find yourself in.

October 17-19- Arcturus Gateway
The Sun aligns with the Super Star Arcturus, allowing high-frequency energy to beam down to the planet. Arcturus is a star associated with prosperity, abundance, and psychic energies. Arcturus is also believed to be home to an advanced alien race that leads with love and compassion.

As our Sun comes into alignment with Arcturus, we are able to merge with its energy and receive its incredible frequencies on Earth. In Vedic astrology, Arcturus is known as Swati, which means “very beneficent.” Edgar Cayce, channeled information from Arcturus, saying it was home to a highly advanced alien race.
Arcturian Starseeds on Earth will feel a strong connection during this time.
Arcturians are compassionate and light-hearted beings. They remind us not to take life so seriously and to remember that this is all part of a much bigger “game.”

October 24—Saturn stations direct in Capricorn at 24 degrees and Squares Uranus in Aries at 24 degrees
This begins a complicated time and Saturn in Capricorn stationing direct brings karmic implications. Although difficult, it ultimately brings healing opportunities. Saturn also rules careers so if you have been stuck in your work this time should help.
Saturn Squaring Uranus will bring unexpected events. Saturn Uranus alignments coincide with periods of revolution and political upheaval.
Saturn represents the reality principle and includes our experience of restriction, limitation, structure, government, boundaries, physical manifestation, and time. It’s associated with security and stability, organization, control, authority, responsibility, wisdom, tradition, and the past.
Uranus represents the need for freedom and change, and the desire for originality and independence from tradition and the status quo. It’s associated with sudden and unexpected breakdowns and/or breakthroughs, flashes of insight and awakenings, rebellion, and revolution.
October 25- New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra and Conjuncts Venus
An eclipse is when the Sun and the Moon align with the Nodal Axis. The North node is Rahu, which deals with material and earthly matters and moving forward in life. The South Node, Ketu, deals with spirituality and our karma.

This Solar Eclipse on October 25 is aligned with Ketu.

Because this Eclipse is in Libra, it will be about finding peace, balance, and justice. It is conjunct Venus, which is about relationships and finances.
This Eclipse deals with Soul Contracts in relationships and work. You may find yourself “Re-Calibrating” or “Clearing Up” or “Re-Negotiating” the old patterns and relationships. Ending Soul Contracts.

This energy is so potent that you may be able to heal really old difficult lingering broken hearts.

A mantra for this: “Everything is working out for my highest good.”

October 30—Mars Retrogrades in Gemini until November 13 –then enters Taurus Retrograde until January 12, 2023
Mars propels us to take action! Mars Retrograde in Gemini means to watch the way you speak and communicate with others. This is a time that can bring frustration and heated words. Watch being triggered. Mars rules anger and wars. This can bring out issues of the past with regard to resentment.

This is easily the most difficult retrograde cycle we experience since Mars wants to GO, and when Retrograde, Mars is like driving in reverse and more likely to get into a wreck or cause problems. Watch your driving for sure!

Once Mars is Retrograde in Taurus from November 13 to January 12, watch becoming stubborn. Taurus represents finances and family and this is a time there will be concern with security.

October is full of twists and turns. Please take the time to meditate and increase your spiritual awareness. Take good care of yourself and watch your health. Rest. This is an extraordinary time of growth!


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