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September Harvest Moon!


September 20- Pisces Full Moon

The Harvest Moon is conjunct Neptune and opposite Mars.This

will leave us feeling even more sentimental than usual. Emotions

will run deep and complicated.

As the last major full moon of the summer, this full moon asks us

to cleanse ourselves by letting go of some of the emotional

baggage we’ve been carrying through the season so that there’s

more room in our psyches and hearts to process the changes that lie


This Full Moon culminates a cycle of spiritual and emotional

growth, exponentially increasing our sensitivity to energy and our

capacity to empathize with other people’s feelings.

Great day to put out your crystals! What accomplishments, skills,

light, and creativity do you want to bring with you into the autumn

season? What bad habits, regrets, and negative thoughts will you


This full moon could bring a long awaited, much needed, release

of emotions that have been stored too long. Cry. It’s ok to just let


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